Current Prices

Prices vary depending on the complexity of project or commission.
Please read my terms of service and fill out a Commission Form with the details of your project for a quote.
Thank you!

 About Commissions

I offer personal and commercial art services. This includes: Illustrations, avatars, animated shorts, animated intros, comics, icons, stream overlays, and emotes.

WON’T DO – Spec work, fetish, gore, political or controversial work.

If interested, please read my terms of service and fill out a Commission Form for a quote.

Digital Art Commission Outline

These steps may vary depending on the type of commission requested by a client.

  1. Sketch Phase
  • The Artist will sketch multiple versions of the commission using client-submitted references and it will be sent to the client for approval. If the client does not like any of the sketches, they can cancel their commission for a refund or request more iterations. After two working hours or if a sketch is approved to be finalized, the client will no longer be eligible for a refund.
  1. Inking Phase
  • The approved sketch will be inked and a thumbnail will be submitted to client for approval.
  1. Color & Rendering Phase
  • The approved outlines will be colored and sent to the client for suggestions.
  • The piece will then be rendered.
  1. Background Phase
  • A simple background using the client’s preferred colors will be added to the piece. A new rate can be negotiated for detailed backgrounds.

     5. Completion Phase

  • Once the piece is complete, the client will receive 30 minutes of free changes. After 30 minutes the client and artist must negotiate a new rate for any new changes.
  • If the payment is finalized and not in dispute, the Artist will send a full resolution version of the commission to the client. The Artist signature and date will not be removed unless negotiated.
  • The client may crop the work themselves but no alterations of the work are allowed. Various sizes, formats, and cropped versions of the piece can be requested by the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you work for free?  I’ll tell people about your work and make you famous! I’ll give you exposure! Don’t do it for the money, do it for the ART!

Any projects outside my personal interests are considered work and I will seek compensation. Exposure comes with any job; if a restaurant serves you an excellent meal or a stylist cuts your hair, you still pay them for their service and let your friends know about their business.  My services are no different.

Q: Why is my commission so expensive?!

My prices can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and I do my best to accommodate a client’s budget, but I can’t go beyond my bottom line. Art is a specialized field where I’m being asked to render a drawing that only exists in the client’s mind within a limited amount of time. It’s a specialized job that involves countless hours of training and a single commission requires research, multiple revisions, and materials that I have to provide out of my own pocket. The commission cost helps cover these expenses on top of rent and self-employment taxes.

Q: Why do I have to pay up front? Can I make partial payments?

Art theft is common and an upfront payment is the only way I can guarantee the supplies to sustain myself while working on a custom piece of art that I can’t resell. Commissions take up a lot of resources, so a full payment is required before I can start or deliver a completed project. Only commissions above $100 can be considered for partial payments.

Q: Will you still charge me if I don’t like the picture?

I will do my best to meet your expectations and make sure you’re satisfied with every step of progress on your commission! So be honest with your feedback and direct with what you want in your project. The more references the better! However, after two working hours on your commission, I will deny full refunds as I need to be paid for my time regardless of whether or not you like the picture. 

Q: What if I don’t have a good idea of what I want?

Please come prepared with several references similar to what you’re looking for in your commission. Also consider what my projects look like when looking for a specific style. If my art style isn’t suited for your picture, consider commissioning a different artist! But please know that I’m open to experimenting with different styles!

Q: When can I expect my commission to be finished?

I will do everything I can to fulfill your request in a timely manner and meet any negotiated deadlines. If there are any delays during the process I will notify you to make further arrangements. Please be reasonable with deadlines and open to extensions as the more time I have for your commission the more detail and polish I can put into it.

Q: Can you make art for my game or design merchandise (T-shirts, pamphlets, etc…)

I am available for contract work, please email me at with all the details.