In 2014 I began working on LORES, minute-long animated summaries of specific games for the LORE Youtube Channel. I worked on a LOT of videos, but I’ll only be posting a few of my favorites.

I should mention that Lore has very tight deadlines in order to keep up with Youtube’s algorithm. Animations have to be posted frequently and I only get about a week to make each cartoon. I tried to emulate the style of Darkest Dungeon as best as I could within that time frame.

Lores and Fast Facts don’t reflect what I can do with my art skills. I’m capable of so much more when given an appropriate amount of time- which is why I enjoyed working on the God Mode videos which I think are some of my best works as I had a month to work on each one.

Here’s a playlist of all the Lores and Fast Facts animations I’ve worked on!