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Ed and Nat animate the Zelda Franchise Lore!
What Would You Do if this animation was crazy!?
Fast Facts Xenogears!
The Best Animation Community
Megaman Fast Facts!
Ed and Nat enjoy a day at the beach.
Ed and Nat animate Fast Facts Double Dragon for the Lore channel!
Ed and Natalie cook up another Fast Facts about Hotline Miami!
A Fast Facts animation for Titanfall!
Ed animates DC Universe Online Fast Facts!
Twitch Plays Pokemon Lore!
How to be O.P. - Pokemon XY! New series on Polaris
If your citizens don't fear you, you're not Mayoring hard enough.
Fast Facts about TRANSISTOR.
Overview of where I've been for the last year.
Ed plans to collaborate with friends!
Ed and Mario prepare to go to the cabin.
Luigi learns how to play dirty in this How to be O.P.
Little facts about Bungie's game long in development.
Fast Facts about Shenmue!
Natalie takes Ed to his favorite place.
Natalie and Ed prepare to starve themselves.
Ed shows his true colors at the zoo.
Ed visits the monkeys!
Ed gets comfy at the tiger's den.
Ed and Natalie leave before the night shift.
Fast Facts about Shovel Knight!
Mario fights some Mushroom Kingdom street crime during his downtime.
Ed enjoys a Cup of Joe from his favorite Pokemon.
Pokemon breeders Pablo and Alan have a talk.
Alan spends time with his Talonflame.
Pikachu pitches the Master Reel
Froakie's first day on the job.
Natalie shows off her Electrode's ability!
Trick-or-Treaters discover Jenkin's terrible secret.
A real ghost story.
The woodsman deals with a monthly intruder.
A couple enjoy a night at Makeout Point.
Friends discover a body at the river.
Fast Facts about Smash Brothers
Natalie makes a hard decision.
Ed and Jimmy are stranded on an island.
The scrapped animation for Tom Ridgewell's Crash Zoom!
Jimmy makes a new friend on the island.
Lore about the pigeon dating simulator.
The intro to Binding of Isaac Remade!
But they're out of copies!
Phantasy Star Online Fast Facts!
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