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Portal 2 bite-sized facts.
Assassins Creed facts you probably didn't know about.
Interesting heart-tugging Borderlands facts!
Dig up some Minecraft facts!
Pedrito has trouble sleeping.
Pedrito still has trouble sleeping.
Ed streams every week at 8pm MST! Join him!
Fast slashing Facts from the Gods.
Facts of Fire and Emblems!
Fast Facts about the bear and the bird!
Eerie fast facts dwelling in the basement!
Delicious Fast Facts you might eat in case you're starving.
Some Fast Facts from beyond the sky.
Fast Facts for the Last of Us
Some Solid Fast Facts made of Metal Gears.
Fast Facts of blimp pirates!
Fast Facts to wrap your metal arms around!
Dragon's Dogma Fast Facts!
Fast Facts about Animal Crossing!
Fast Facts about KOTOR! Knights of the Old Republic!
Fast Facts about the Saints!
Some Fast Facts about the parkour ninja Lara Crof!
Splinter Cell Fast Facts!
Fast Facts about League of Legends
Fast Facts about Mass Effect!
Tobuscus lays down the Lore of Doom!
Uncharted Fast Facts with Dodger!
Dodger talks about Fast Facts about Skylanders!
Duck Hunt with Duane and Brando!
Fast Facts of Command and Conquer!
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