Fast and Quick Thanksgiving Movie
Fast and Quick Thanksgiving Movie
by funymony on
2012 November 20 at 01:11:48

This is an old animation that aired at my High School during Thanksgiving week of 2005. It was fun! I hope you guys enjoy it too.

It's been a long while since I've posted anything so let's catch up shall we!?

My girlfriend moved in with me and we've been playing a handful of video games to cook up some comic ideas. I quit my Museum job and gave it to my girlfriend so I could pursue bigger projects. I'm drawing art for a mobile game by a company in California and my friend is doing the programming. We hope to show it off soon! I've been writing a web series with my buddy Luke and cooking up two cartoons for some awesome Youtube channels. I'm working on the next WWYD with three other animators. The Rarefinders is still in the back burner. I was recently asked to make an Indie Go Go video for a local project called SW@P. Other than the video I didn't have much to do with the project, but you can check it out if you wish. The Riled Up Journal is a really neat read.

Ugh, I hate not updating this website! But i'm simply too busy to give it any love. I'll explain in the next post!

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