Heart String Marionette
Heart String Marionette
by funymony on
2012 January 02 at 01:01:49

Hello friends!
A big film was released today.

A feature length film created by MdotStrange, music by Endika.
Featuring Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, JP Anderson lead singer of Rabbit Junk, and Ricky Grove!
Me and a few friends also voiced some rogue ronin in the film! (I'm the perv, teehee!)

Anyway, the movie is up for download for 5 bucks on the website! That's the price of a fucking SANDWICH! That download includes the awesome soundtrack for the film! All proceeds go to Mdot and Endika who worked hard to bring this forward without the help of any corporate sponsorships. They worked out of their own pockets and with some small donations from viewers before Kickstarter even existed!

I've been keeping an eye on this project for five years now. I've seen these guys overcome multiple obstacles. Mdot had to go to the hospital once from exhaustion and stress. There was an instance where Mdot and Endika fundraised $2,000 to create a sound studio for a chorus who were willing to work with them for FREE! After completing the construction of the sound booth, they were kicked out by the landlord before they even got to use it! That didn't stop them though, Mdot and Endika kept working! You can see the steps they took to make the film by checking out the Heart String Marionette blog.

Here they are now, with a project they poured their hearts into and they're giving it to you for FREE.  Please support them, they deserve every penny for helping pave the way for truly independent films online.

Congratulations MdotStrange & Endika!


My copy of the film just finished downloading. See ya!

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