I Looked Them In The Eyes and Lied
I Looked Them In The Eyes and Lied
by funymony on
2012 June 06 at 12:06:00

I recently attended Career Day at a middle school downtown. I arrived in the hospitality room where I sat between a librarian, a fireman, and a social worker. I addressed myself as a "Freelance Animator" and we laughed at the idea of "hyping kids up to become one of us".... and then we felt sad.

I felt like I didn't have enough experience to be at the career fair because I just got out of college and my dreams haven't come to fruition. I overcame my doubts when I gave a presentation about games, animation, and online media. I was able to show the students why I became a freelance animator and I planted the seed of inspiration in their crazy pre-teen noggins.

I felt dumb for not aknowledging my skills and experience, It's what got me my current jobs in the first place! I may not own a studio (yet) or make tons of money but I've worked with enough individuals and companies to fully understand my occupation and to know that my career is evolving.

In other news, I'll be attending PIXEL 2012 in Salt Lake City! Stop by and give me a high five! I'll be teamed up with The Leonardo Museum and my friend Alex Johnstone. See you there!


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