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2012 May 09 at 01:05:25

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen!

My friends and I wanted to complete Cinderello by Valentines Day but I failed to release it on time. I'm sorry! Luckily the story has nothing to do with the holiday. I've been reluctant to release this video because I recently applied for a Youtube partnership through Maker Studios. I wanted to publish this video after things became finalized but Youtube is taking forever to process my application and I hate to keep content away from you guys.

I'd really like to use my Youtube as a way to get some pocket change for my work. I love creating cartoons but they're not supporting me financially and that's why I'm currently working three jobs. One at a museum, school, and on a little contract work for a game. So far things have been great and I'm learning a lot but I still have the terrible feeling I should be working on the second draft of my screenplay, my game design doc, several iphone apps, and sharpening my art skills. I can't focus on my free time because a part of me wants to create a film & animation studio and the other wants to create games. I'll figure out where I want to go eventually, until then I'll remind myself that I don't have to do everything at once.

A month ago at work I met an artist named Bonita Severy who has a strong background in engineering and is obsessed with the victorian era. She has worked at Hewlet Packard and was also a patent lawyer. Bonita started drawing around 2007 with the help of art tutorials on where she spent 40 hours a week mastering her craft. The progress she's made in a few years is remarkable, I love her steampunk work! What I find even more amazing is that she's constantly exploring her interests at the age of 60. It makes me realize that you can always excel in multiple areas of your life whenever you want!

Last year around August I received my Bachelors degree in Film and Media Arts in the mail. I missed the graduation ceremony in the spring of 2011 so I had to wait an entire year to get some closure to my 5 years of college. Last week was my official last day at the University of Utah with Edwin Catmull as the commencement speaker. His words were inspiring but honestly I couldn't help but feel a little gypped because I heard Pixar recruits at Brigham Young University (the rival university) but not at the University of Utah because they don't have a solid animation department (or an animation major). They're currently working on one but it's unfortunate it took them this long to create it.

I really can't believe that the U of U has not established an animation major to rival BYU's despite being near Sundance and having connections with one of the biggest animation companies in the world. They also don't showcase their film department like they do their business/medical/ and football programs, the best thing coming out of the film division is the EAE program which allows film makers, graphic designers, and programmers to get together to create games and machinima videos. It's a little silly that the only reason film is going anywhere is because of games, not movies. 

I declared my major in film studies hoping that it would be a great substitute for animation but I enrolled while it was in a transitional phase from "Film Studies" to "Film and Media Arts". The changes at the University cancelled classes that I wanted to take, I enrolled into Animation 1 and found out they cancelled Animation 2 because it was being modified. I was going to minor in animation shortly after it was offered but by the time I had room for classes they didn't offer it anymore because they planned to turn it into a major. (It doesn't seem to be available yet, I checked. Suggested classes are available though.)

The film aspect of things were great. I got some hands-on experience in film making, screenwriting, and working on a small budget. I really enjoyed the creative writing courses the most because I got to share my ideas and get some great criticism from my peers. Storyboarding was wonderful because it taught me a lot about directing, planning out my shots, and creating an engaging story. I even got to take some fun classes like experimental animation and 3D modeling. The best things I took away from the University was my connection with a programmer who is now my best friend and the ability to write screenplays, which is one of the best reasons I feel confident in my major. Overall I feel like I enrolled to the University at the wrong time but I learned a lot through generals and doing my own studies of animation on the side. The University of Utah will hopefully be a better birthplace for professional animators and film makers in the future. Right now I wish to be one of the handful to bring some real recognition to the U of U using what I learned in Film and Media Arts.

See you later, amigos!



1. I have 3 jobs.
2. I'm getting a Youtube Partnership
3. Bonita Severy is awesome.
4. Attended Graduation Ceremony after technically graduating a year ago.
5. University of Utah should of had an animation major established long ago but didn't despite having biggest connections to Pixar and Sundance.
6. Film studies was pretty cool.

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