Space Jail
Space Jail
by funymony on
2012 March 06 at 07:03:46

In celebration of Mass Effect 3, Me and Natalie bring you this Mass Effect 2 comic.
We've been pumped up for the final installment in the series but can't afford the game right now so we'll wait a while before we dig in. We did however buy the Mass Effect art book and we really love the work put into the design of the game. We haven't spoiled ourselves with the ME3 chapter yet and we hope to hear good reviews so we have a treat to look forward to.

Thanks to everybody who helped my friend win the wedding competition!
I'll be sure to take a few good pictures of the special event when it happens.

I'll be tagging along with my programmer on a trip to San Francisco next week to attend a meeting with Roberto Lerusalimschy.
The creator of Lua.

Anywho, I'm about to pass out right now but don't you worry. I'll return tomorrow with a short animation. <3


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