Breaking the Ice (with a plasma cutter)
Breaking the Ice (with a plasma cutter)
by funymony on
2011 November 15 at 12:11:00

Over the summer I played Dead Space Extraction on the Wii.
It's probably one of the best ways to turn an acquaintance into a friend. <3

The game was great. It felt like I was playing a movie! The characters weren't cheesy like inResident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and the character animations were lovely. Their acting was believable and the graphics were great for a Wii title. Go give the game a try with someone you might see as a potential ally in case of the slime invasion I previously mentioned.

I'd review the game more in-depth but I feel like reviews aren't worth looking into unless they're presented in a fascinating way. The Angry Video Game Nerd and various Lets Play channels on Youtube provide funny commentary to make their reviews more interesting. I wouldn't be able to provide the funny because I would focus on a game's strengths rather than its weaknesses and we all know that's not cool! It's mandatory that I mock games and call them names!

Dead Island, more like CRAP Island. Amidoinitrite?

Focusing on a game's strengths is probably why I enjoyed games like Kane and Lynch 2 and Duke Nukem Forever Doom 3. I'll create a little video down the road to shine some light on some underappreciated games. 

See you tomorrow!

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