Ganon's Therapist
Ganon's Therapist
by funymony on
2011 November 17 at 07:11:52

*UPDATED* 11-18-2011
BAM. Updated with the actual thing. See ya! <3


Original Oct 25 ,2011:

Hey guys, sorry for being out of the loop recently.

Here's an animation that I've worked on for two months while finishing up my final semester at the University of Utah. I'm glad that it's finally seen the light of day and that it's getting good reviews! The good fellows at The Game Station put the script and sound together with the help of Mike Davis from The Warp Zone and Jesse Cox from OMFGcata. I did a bit of sound editing to make it tighter and my friend Oryozema storyboarded it. Afterward I did the rest of the coloring/animation.

Recently I've been busy putting a portfolio together so I can find myself a nice steady job.
I've been reflecting on the skills I've acquired throughout the years and I've realized I have a lot to offer.

I'll post more about this later!

See ya!

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