I Love Dogs
I Love Dogs
by funymony on
2011 April 06 at 06:04:48

Here's a quick warning for all of you, not all my cartoons are family friendly. This animation is a continuation of my "I LOVE" series which features offensive or ideologically sensitive content. Do not watch this video if you hate abuse towards animals. Don't say I didn't warn you.

You might be wondering why I made this video. My cat once had an STD that affected his bowels, picking him up guaranteed instant brown paint all over the wall. I was playing Max Payne on the PS2 when my fuzzy companion walked right in front of the screen, looked at me with a strange face, and unleashed his feline fury onto the carpet. I screamed and he ran off leaving me with his surprise. As I was scrubbing the carpet I imagined what my brother would have done in that situation. He's an aggro gamer who makes passionate love to the virtual world and breaking his concentration is like disturbing a rhino in heat. You just don't do it.

My cat was lucky that I was playing games at the time otherwise who knows what could of happened. I thought I'd replace my cat with a dog in this video. You might see my cat in my animations or videos, he's the white kitty with the dash of orange on his face.

He passed away on October 6th of 2010. Ever since that day, fighting crime has never been the same. For the last 5 months criminals have gotten away or outsmarted me. My evil nemesis Ragde has been running ramped all over the city.

I recently woke up bound to a chair in a warehouse surrounded by devious looking fellows. Right when I thought I was a gonner I noticed that I wasn't the only fellow tied up. With some help from my new friend we overcame the situation and escaped a fatal explosion!

Afterward we decided that it would be to both of our advantages to stick together. Friends, I introduce to you DETECTIVE SHADY!

Detective Shady taking a bite out of crime and leaving no witnesses.

(Thank you VICKY for the jacket.)


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