Little Flight of Horrors
Little Flight of Horrors
by funymony on
2011 September 11 at 12:09:00

Good o'l Mr.B has been with me for a very long time. He's a very swell guy if you can get past the fact that he has no eyelids.

Mr.B is watching you.

Whenever I fly Mr.B never makes it to my desitination on time. It could be that his many super-glued eyes make people suspicious of him, requiring him to go through additional screening (THOSE RACIST BASTARDS!) or it could be that the baggage handlers mistreat him so bad that he loses an eye and it gets jammed in the luggage conveyor belts.

Either way, he had a total of 12 eyes when I brought him to life and now he's down to 4. It shocks me because these eyes are hard plastic and almost indestructable! I had a hard time pulling off the damaged ones!

I can easily say that Mr.B disapproves the handling of luggage at the airport and would like to file a lawsuit.

Mr.B is watching you.

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