It's dangerous to be home alone! Take this.
It's dangerous to be home alone! Take this.
by funymony on
2011 September 10 at 12:09:00

I'll be posting one of these everyday for the next two weeks to share my adventure in Minnesota with you. ENJOY!

I'm very cautious about leaving my dog home alone because Detective Shady has an oral fixation that requires something to chew on constantly, it's part of her itch to fight crime! That's why she's shaping up to be my new body guard, so we can use that power to destroy great evils like Miracle Whip and boredom. Shady still goes vigilante from time to time during our outings and it often leads us into dangerous situations but I believe the solo mission of guarding my house during my leave will teach Shady the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

In other news, since I've been home I've been working on projects non-stop and I'm burnt out because the lack of short term goals, which is why I am making these 3-panel comics. See you tomorrow!

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