A Special Delivery
A Special Delivery
by funymony on
2011 June 06 at 03:06:12

My fellow "Editors" have told me to block out the last panel for the kids and the squeemish. Click at your own discretion.

I've received a lot of comments from my friends about this comic being offensive to certain individuals. I understand it may rub viewers the wrong way and I'm sorry. There's nothing comfortable about seeing a man getting a baby shoved down his urethra by a stork. I put a censor within a censor to protect you from yourself.

SO, I think I'm done with the sick humor for a while. Let's put that tool away and use another one.

Me and Danny A. Reyes are putting our powers together to bring you some comics! He's agreed to help me out while I work on my own animations. He's a very talented fellow and you should check out his arts.

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