How to Fly an Airplane
How to Fly an Airplane
by funymony on
2011 May 04 at 11:05:40

I did the narration for this cartoon. It was animated by my friend Oryozema who has a fun John Kricfalusi art style. He helped me with What Would You Do 2? and I look forward to collaborating with him on the third installment.

I like doing voice overs for projects other than my own but I'm very selective on who I work with. I like to help people I know personally because I have many friends who look to animation & film as a career. They take their projects seriously and it's inspiring to work together and feed off each others determination.

I'm open to collaborating with strangers but I'm reluctant to work with novice animators who don't know how to draw or record their own sound. It'd be nice if people would check out some tutorials and make a few cartoons before asking anybody other than their friends for voice talent.

It's great to find a team to produce quality material. Yesterday was Machinimafest at the University of Utah and my friend Luke submitted his video "Eden" to the festival. I did the intro and some voices. Check it out!:


His team got the Audience Choice award, a bunch of games from EA, and Luke received a $1,000 scholarship.

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