Drunk Science
Drunk Science
by funymony on
2011 April 04 at 04:04:21

Here's an animation written and voiced by Tomska of Cakebomb. The other character in this cartoon is Bing, the fellow who commissioned me to make King of Seafood.

I don't work with other people often because I'm such an Auteur and like control over everything, but working with Tom and Bing was really fun and I was pleased with how both of the animations turned out. Animating was easier with them in the directors chair because they took the burden of writing and doing voice overs. They had to make the decisions and choose what the final product would look like so all I had to do was animate, and sometimes that's all I really wanna do. Those guys are a fun bucket of marbles, go check them out!

I'm really happy that I can work well with others to produce some high quality stuff!


Now back to my own personal projects. *Works*

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