Lobstar and Giriff
Lobstar and Giriff
by funymony on
2011 February 10 at 09:02:24

In 2008 sometime around November or December, I made this cartoon for my experimental animation class.

The class was HELL. We had to experiment with digital programs to recreate traditional experimental animation and more. We made cut out animations, learned to animate in photoshop, learned to put together a stop motion, etc. The hardest part of the class was spending hours and hours learning how to export our animations properly under the given size limits and aspect ratios. We also had to know how to make DVD's with functional menu's using basic tools like iDVD. (Did you know that you could remove the apple logo? I didn't either until this class.)

The professor worked us hard.

It was one of those experiences in my life that I would never wanna change. The class was hell but the goal was achieved. I learned how to export animations properly and I found out about aspect ratios. I still mess up now and then, but I finaly understood why my cartoons looked terrible when I exported them. The class taught me the technical know how I desperately needed in order to throw my cartoons onto Youtube and onto DVD's. It also forced me to be creative with the limitations I was given.

I really enjoyed making experimental cartoons and I plan on doing more!

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