A Unicorn Giggle
A Unicorn Giggle
by funymony on
2011 January 02 at 12:01:22

Hello friends! My name is Ed. I'm a crazy animator who makes silly cartoons and Mediamuffin.com is my home for shenanigans. The animations you are about to enjoy are my old works created between 2006-2011.

This animation was made within three days in the summer of 2006. 

It was partly inspired by a film called LEGEND. I remember watching the film and being amused by the majestic white horned horse. When I got older I thought to myself "Why are unicorns considered "girlyish"? They have horns! We fear everything with horns! Bugs, dinosaurs, moose, Lucifer. Why not the unicorn!?" I made a script and got to work.

This animation was the first of my works to get front paged on Newgrounds. At the time I didn't understand why A Unicorn Giggle got front paged and I was disappointed because I didn't put much effort into it. It was a cartoon that I vomited and tossed out the window. Now I realize that it was popular because unicorns are a popular topic.

(Animation + Popular Topic = Amazing.)
As long as that popular topic is ageless, your animation will stay gold forever.

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