by funymony on
2011 February 09 at 01:02:34

Here's a spoof of the infamous Zelda CDI Youtube Poops. It's another animation I made to motivate the RWD into making more cartoons. It didn't work either. The picture in the end is a ticket game at a local arcade which my friend pointed out: It's only a matter of time until our current tragedies take its place.

You're probably wondering why I care about Newgrounds so much:

When I was 13 years old I always wanted to be a part of this large community that made animations. I would go to my friends house and watch user submitted flash videos all day and afterward we'd do voice overs and make crude animations of our own!

One of my biggest inspirations at the time was Alan Saunders of Alanthebox. He created tons of shorts and was really good at what he did! Last I heard he was creating a big feature length film, made a book, then dropped off the face of the earth. He's been gone for years.

My scribblings back then were never good enough to make it through the portal so I kept my videos tucked away on my personal website. Newgrounds is a hard crowd to please because it's filled with trolls and harsh critics. If you can get them to like your work without using cock jokes and scat humor, then you're doing something right.

I dreamed that one day I would eventually get a slot on the front page and my work could be enjoyed by everyone. Eventually that dream came true and to this day I feel wiggly whenever one of my works lands on the daily top 5. I only wish I could contribute more to the community for keeping flash animation thriving across the internet. It was one of the first flash portals out there and the one I love most.

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