RWD Returns
RWD Returns
by funymony on
2011 February 08 at 12:02:10

The Radical Wrong Doers was a group of animators on Newgrounds which I was a part of. We made quality "SPAM".

"SPAM" is a term for crappy movies and flash loops submitted to Newgrounds by groups who upvote their own works to keep them from getting blammed (deleted), thus cluttering up Newgrounds like lettuce clutters up a sandwich.

The group was fun while it lasted but it crumbled after a year because of some inside drama and people were taking the group too seriously.

Some of the submissions were really cool! I created this animation while the group was in it's deathbed in hopes that it would inspire others to make more cartoons. I don't think it worked. Being part of the group made me feel special because it was a very small team of talented animators like LuisLazymuffin, and Hans Van Harken.

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