Halloween Scare 2
Halloween Scare 2
by funymony on
2011 January 04 at 02:01:46

I was a freshman in college and still making stickfigure shorts because they were easy to push out and I still didn't know how to draw. Since gradeschool I always wanted to be a comic artist but I didn't have the talent for it. Nothing inspired me to challenge myself either.

I had a very uninspiring art teacher in High School who would tell students to sketch for the first 10 minutes of class and then he'd retreat behind his desk and we wouldn't see him until the next day.

In my freshman year of college I took art history hoping I would learn something but the class killed any desire I had to be an artist because of the way the information was presented to me. There was also too much memorization involved and I have the attention span of a rock.

I now know that if I want to draw better I have to be willing to learn on my own, draw from life, and just shut up and do it! Don't give up and draw as much as I can. If Penny Arcade can go from THIS to THIS in 5 years, I'm pretty sure I'll get better as long as I stick to it.

Sometimes I feel like I wasn't destined to be an animator, I wanted to major in Animation but the Univeristy of Utah didn't offer it. A friend suggested I go into Film Studies because it was the next best thing. I didn't consider majoring in graphic design because I didn't know it existed at the time and I didn't know a thing about college.

By my second year of classes I realized that I could have chosen the path of an artist but for some reason I held on to film. I made the right choice when I was introduced to the power of directing and screenwriting.

I might not know how to draw, but I do know a thing or two about writing. Back then I was so obsessed with how quickly I could make cartoons that I didn't acknowledge the need for plots, storylines, and delicious narratives. I was fine using "random" humor because it worked and people liked it. Being spontaneous went hand in hand with animation because if I wanted a walrus to smash into a building, I could whip it up in a flash! I was a kid in a sandbox amused with tossing around sand, not knowing I could build castles!

Thanks to Film Studies, I now know the rules of building a gorgeous kingdom and I can't wait to find the time to build my own.

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