Halloween Scare
Halloween Scare
by funymony on
2011 January 03 at 01:01:34

An animation for my high school in 2005. It took two hours to make and I drew it with a mouse.

My high school had a Television Production class that would air 15 minute news segments throughout the school every Friday morning. Students would interview teachers, announce upcoming events, and showcase student shorts from time to time.

When I was a freshman I was obsessed with getting one of my crappy cartoons spot-lit so I submitted a few to the production teacher. He rejected them because they were stupid and unrelated to school. He was later arrested for having sex with a student--- but he was right, I needed to make videos for my target audience (the school.) So I made a Valentines day short about the "data-match" system they used to pair up students by their interests and sell them their results.

The animation got me into the Television Production class without having to do any paperwork. The new teacher put me in head of the graphics department which consisted of just me and this gave me an hour and a half everyday to do whatever I wanted-- with that said, me and my buddies put this short together one afternoon on the spot.

I'd say more about the cartoon, but what is there to explain!?

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