by funymony on
2011 January 07 at 01:01:42

This animation was made for the Utah High School Film Festival back in 2006. It won 1st place in the animation category. It was good back in the day, but now it's a bit dated according to the formula:

Animation + Pokemon the Show + Yugio = Meh
Pokemon the show is lame and has been parodied a billion times. Yugio is not as popular as it used to be.

Animation + Pokemon the Game = Awesome because the games are better and Pokemon Black and White just came out.

Will Pokemon ever get boring? I don't think so. I see it as the modern game of cards... mixed with animal fighting. I was planning on making a sequel to this cartoon involving Naruto, Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, and Inuyasha but by the time I was ready to animate it I had already missed the parody boat. OH WELL.

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