Ed & Yeti's Big Adventure
Ed & Yeti's Big Adventure
by funymony on
2015 September 27 at 04:09:12

I spent two weeks studying Toon Boom Harmony.
I made this as an exercise and I'm pleased with the result.

Toon Boom is great. It's traditionally based in terms of tools and animation.
I like their layer system and color pallets but the change from Flash is too drastic for me.
Especially since I've mastered Flash and know a lot of shortcuts.


I'll probably play around with Toon Boom some more in the near future.
Maybe sooner than later. I really liked some of the features.


I learned a lot from some tutorials created by Adam Phillips (http://chluaid.newgrounds.com)

Check out his tutorials if you're looking to get into Toon Boom.
I heard he has a book! 


Next up, I'm gonna mess around with Blender.

See ya later!



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