Tale of the Dolphin King
Tale of the Dolphin King
by funymony on
2011 March 02 at 02:03:09

Made around Mid December 2008 for my Experimental Animation class.

"Do a short experimental animation using some of the applications, sources, and techniques we have used in class. Must have audio and you must spend at least 30 hours of work on this piece."

A reoccuring problem with my animations is that I never have enough time to work on them. That is why this video is another one of my personal favorites, I was under so much pressure when I made it and I slapped a bunch of random things together and made it work!

I used a very high quality camera that stretched and embedded letter boxes into the footage so I had to cleverly have my animation insert the letterboxes for me to make it look like it wasn't a mistake. I don't even remember using a script!

The class loved it and I exceeded the professor's expectations. I'm pretty sure it was the assignment that guaranteed me an A in the class.

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