Edlog #004 - Another Update
Edlog #004 - Another Update
by funymony on
2015 October 14 at 03:10:04

Hello, Friends!

It's time for an update! I've been trying to get settled in Minnesota but a lot of life events keep rocking the boat.

My dog Beebo was getting sick. First it was allergies, then pemphigus, followed by ear infections. A good portion of my money went to vet bills and paying off the debts from moving around in the past two years. We had to give Beebo steroids because of Pemphigus and it shut down his liver so we had to put him down last week. I've been torn up about it but I'm feeling better knowing that a lot of people cared about Beebo and that we were able to bring him this far into our lives. I'm creating a video for Beebo but until then you can read about Beebo in Natalie's thoughtful post. Rest in Peace, Beebo. We'll miss you. <3

I've been working on some cartoons for Polaris and studying in my spare time for the past two months.

Last month I learned Toon Boom, and this month I'm playing with Blender.

Artistically I've been looking into areas where my art could improve. Hands, mouthes, painting techniques, shading, and more. I hope that by studying regularly my art can improve significantly within the next two years.  I'm technically relearning EVERYTHING thanks to Sycra's tutorials on Youtube. I plan on compiling a huge sketchbook and uploading it on Patreon for free to show my progress.

I plan on continuing my Patreon VERY soon. Once I wrap up these Polaris toons I'll focus on Patreon full time. I'll upload the two cartoons that have been sitting on my desk, plus a few comics I've been meaning to cook up. There's a lot on the works, but I'll get into that later. 

A month ago I got to go to PAX 2015 in Seattle courtesy of Polaris. I met up with Fungasm and Oryozema at the Polaris booth.
We were featured on stage where we animated live in front of the PAX crowd. It was fun and challenging!  I even got to hang out with Ricepirate, Metaly (DJ Ross), my two awesome producers Phil and Clara, and even DodgerTom Fulp, Stamper, and a few other Newgrounders were there too! I had dinner with Puffballsunited and his friends. Even Mr. Chris and his girlfriend Katelyn drove up from Oregon to say hello! They brought us some donuts. You can see all the pictures HERE! Check it out! It was incredibly fun. Definitely the highlight of my summer.

Anywho, I better get to work. There's so much I want to share but the more I spend talking about it, the less time I have to actually get around to it.

I'll see you guys later! Hang in there! <3

-Edgar Nielsen (Funymony)


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