Fast Facts - Kriby
Fast Facts - Kriby
by funymony on
2015 March 13 at 02:03:03


I have warm memories of hanging out with my grade-school buddy and playing co-op mode on Kirby Super Star. Eating food, and sharing it through our mouthes. GOOD STUFF! My favorite characters to play were Poppy Bros Jr. ,Bonkers, and the Plasma wisp.

The last Kirby game I played was Kirby: Squeak Squad which I found delightful. I kept falling asleep trying to play Kirby's Epic Yarn...

ALSO, Sorry for being absent for a long time! And for not posting any new comics either. I've written a ton of them but haven't had the time to work on them! Why? BECAUSE I'M BUSY MAKING CARTOONS-- and sketching! I've been practicing my art and I'd love to share it with you! You can check it out if you go over to PATREON!


There's a monthly sketchbook waiting for you if you pitch a dollar my way. There's also a new Edvlog coming soon! SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!


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