Lore - Oddworld
Lore - Oddworld
by funymony on
2015 January 29 at 11:01:29

I missed out on the Oddworld franchise because I've never owned a Playstation or Xbox.

I didn't look into the series until I had to work on this Lore and boy am I impressed! Oddworld has so many cool designs and intricate stories! It kinda has a "Neverhood" vibe without the loneliness. I'm really bummed that I didn't get to experience the Oddworld games growing up... Luckily they're rebooting the series! I'll get to experience the games without Nostalgia Goggles just like I did with Tomb Raider! (Which means I'll probably enjoy it more than people who've played the old games?)

Anyway, I'll be picking up Oddworld New 'n' Tasty when it's released on PC.

-Ed (Funymony)

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