Fast Facts - Donkey Kong Country
Fast Facts - Donkey Kong Country
by funymony on
2015 January 15 at 10:01:36

The Donkey Kong Country series is great and I wish I could have given it more love in this episode of Fast Facts. Maybe I'll make my own personal tribute to the series. 

My favorite Donkey Kong game is DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest. The music and overall atmosphere stuck with me throughout the years and the variety of levels in it are amazing. You explore a pirate ship, a volcano, a crazy carnival, a delicious bee hive, and a level made entirely of thorn bushes. If you haven't played the game you should go hunt it down! It's a classic!

Donkey Kong's personality in Smash Bros and DKC Returns makes me laugh. It's his muppet eye-balls that get me. I love what Retro Studios has done with the new series and I'd love for them to make more! I wonder if the Kremlings will ever return...



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