Sleep Time
Sleep Time
by funymony on
2011 February 03 at 12:02:31

I think this animation came to be because of my mother. Whenever I was sick my mom would pour hot lemon tea into my nose while I slept and I would wake up coughing to see my mom holding a spoon to my nostril. I think that's why I like lemon tea so much.

I animated this cartoon at the hotel during spring break of March 2008. It was a nice spring night and I had a cold but it didn't stop me from screaming my head off in the back room. There was hardly anybody in-house so I didn't disturb any guests. I would always make sure to put people away from the lobby if I had to do any recordings that night.

Animating at my job in the middle of the night was wonderful. It was the perfect atmosphere to draw and it would keep me awake but my body wasn't adjusted to staying up past 11pm. After a year of graveyard work I began to feel fatigued and my heart began to hurt. My head would feel fuzzy and unable to hold a thought (Which is normal to me now.)

I still have sleeping problems, most people stay up until 2am but I end up sleeping at 5. Up until those graveyard nights I had always slept at 10pm but I haven't been able to sleep before midnight for over a year now.

I guess it's not so bad, I enjoy working in the twilight and it's the best time to focus. My creative juices flow in the dark.

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