Hulk Preorders Smash Bros.
Hulk Preorders Smash Bros.
by funymony on
2014 November 25 at 10:11:26

I was waiting in line with my friend Ryan at a Best Buy for 4 hours to play the 2 minute demo of Super Smash Brothers Wii U.


We were REALLY bored (and ultimately disappointed that we waited so long for 2 mintues of gameplay). We made up a scenario where Hulk preordered a copy of Smash Brothers and they didn't have any more copies. We laughed at the idea of Hulk trying SO hard not to get angry. 


I had planned to turn it into an animation before Smash Bros was released but things didn't go as planned (Girlfriend was sick, work, etc.). So here's the animatic!

I'll be beating myself up for the rest of my life for not finishing this cartoon... If I worked on it now it would take a few weeks to complete and by the time it's released the Smash Bros pre-order hype will be dead. I would rather put my effort toward the next cartoon and use this video as an example of why I need to stick to a schedule.

See you later!



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