Lore - Binding of Isaac
Lore - Binding of Isaac
by funymony on
2014 November 22 at 12:11:09

BINDING OF ISAAC LOOOOOORE! Which is really just a remake of the game intro. There are a lot of theories about the game, but most of them are just interpretations. Regardless I just REALLY wanted to animate some more Binding of Isaac stuff with Stabby. If you haven't seen it, I made a Binding of Isaac Fast Facts last year! I dig Ed Mcmillen's style.

My friend Peter Mcalpine worked on Binding of Isaac. He animated some bosses and enemies. He also worked on one of my favorite games, Cavestory. Check out his personal upcoming project, THE LAST REFUGE on Steam!

I love Binding of Isaac. It's rare that I dish out so many hours in one sitting on a single game. At first I was put off by the whole poop and human liquids thing, and wondered why the game was centered around religious themes but it grew on me. I found out there was a lot more behind the game. Check out the trivia and look it up yourself on the Binding of Isaac Wiki!

I pre-ordered Binding of Isaac a month before it was released and got 10% off the game. Then the day before it came out they gave 30% off to people who owned the previous copy (me). I don't think I'll ever preorder things ever again! Just kidding. I pre-ordered the Smash Bros Gamecube adapter and if I hadn't I wouldn't be playing Smash Bros Wii U right now!

Speaking of Smash, I'm sorry I haven't released the Smash Bros video!
Natalie got sick last weekend so we couldn't prepare the video on time. I'll try to post it tomorrow in its storyboard form.

I'll see you then!

-Edgar (Funymony) 

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