Scrapped - Crash Zoom
Scrapped - Crash Zoom
by funymony on
2014 November 11 at 12:11:33

Once again, sorry for the late upload but I bring good news! Crash Zoom has seen the light of day! 

On March 2011, I was approached by Thomas Ridgewell (Tomska) to work on a cartoon series called Crash Zoom. After the success of Drunk Science I definitely wanted to collaborate with him again. The goal was to animate a 6 minute pilot but I had never worked on anything longer than a minute. I felt like Crash Zoom was an opportunity to put my animation skills to the test!

Unfortunately Crash Zoom's first attempt was under funded, my skills weren't great, and college soaked up a lot of time. It took 9 months to create 3 minutes of crude animation before Tomska had to pull the plug on November 2011 because it took too long and it didn't meet our expectations. It was the first time I had my worked shelved. We really wanted that cartoon to happen and I wanted to make it up to Tom with a free cartoon, but life hit him that following year with a punch that no silly animation could heal. I felt that it was best to leave him alone...

Tomska approached me again on October 2012 and asked if I wanted to give it another shot. I wanted to redeem myself for my past failure and show off my new skills, so I gladly accepted his offer! We started off strong and aimed for a January release, but it didn't take long for me to get burned out. My girlfriend was living with me and I needed to pay off a debt I accumulated while finishing college that Crash Zoom wasn't able to pay for. Desperate to get Crash Zoom out the door and obtain some cash, I decided to hire a friend to help me with storyboards and additional art while I picked up another job.

Our styles clashed and Tom didn't like it. Progress on the animation was going slow as I juggled Eggbaby and Fast Facts. Later in December the Sandy Hook shootings took place and that was the finishing blow to our second attempt at Crash Zoom. Tom pulled the plug again, paid me, and we went our separate ways. The whole ordeal left us feeling really bummed. I put my best work into it but I just couldn't deliver. I wrapped up the remaining storyboard in my spare time and sent it to him that February. It wasn't shown in the posted video, but it's for the best.

Watching Tomska explain in person how he felt about Crash Zoom brought back some disappointment I have in myself but it also gave me determination to try harder and know my limits. I'm glad that the beginning of Crash Zoom aged well and that people are enjoying it. I wish you the best, Tom! Hopefully we can put our skills together in the future and make some more magic happen.

-Edgar Nielsen (Funymony)

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