Refined Tastes
Refined Tastes
by funymony on
2014 November 05 at 12:11:18

Just when you think you know a person...

This comic is completely inaccurate. Natalie has the most unique taste in food because she focuses on texture more than flavor. She has a bland diet that consists of wheat cereal (No sugar), a hamburger with nothing on it, and ham.

It's hard for me to explain to friends and family why she won't try their cooking and it's especially hard for them not to be offended. Natalie won't even try anything I make in the kitchen! Lucky for me, poverty is the best spice and she's finally taken a liking to a few new foods, like buffalo chicken and quesadillas. And thanks to my roomate Alan, she's enjoying Tonkatsu.

I on the other hand will eat anything covered in cheese.

-Edgar Nielsen (Funymony)

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