Mad Mon
Mad Mon
by funymony on
2014 October 20 at 02:10:52

While we're on the topic of Poke'mon, here's a video I was commissioned to animate for the Nacho Punch Youtube channel.

The challenge was interesting. They gave me a screenplay combining Mad Men and Poke'mon.

I never thought I'd have to mash two different genres into one animation and make it coherent to two diverse viewer demographics. To be honest I don't know anybody who plays Poke'mon AND watches Mad Men. Nevertheless I feel that I did a great job at transforming the script using visuals to cater to both parties while staying true to the original Courasel scene.

We'll continue the Poke'mon comics on Wednesday!

-Edgar Nielsen (Funymony)

P.S. Here's a drawing I made over the weekend, feel free to add my friend code and notify me via Twitter for a battle! See you there!


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