Zoo! Part 7 - The Night Shift
Zoo! Part 7 - The Night Shift
by funymony on
2014 October 06 at 02:10:49

Me and Natalie never actually go to sleep when the night night light is out.

Our sleeping schedule is 7am-4pm. I love working during the night because the internet is inactive. Overnight I have time to catch up on all my social networks and I  get the tranquility required for concentrated animating.

I'll admit that I get fatigued because my internal clock is all messed up, but I make sure to sleep in the dark once in a while. Personally I wish I never had to sleep so I could do more work in a day, but without sleep I wouldn't have that fine line between today and tomorrow... or an excuse to stop working on a project I'm not so fond of..

I had my sleeping schedule fixed for the past two weeks but the release of Smash Brothers on the 3DS messed everything up. UGH... Hopefully I can get things back to normal later this week...

ANYWAY, I hope you enoyed the series of zoo comics!

Let's take a break and bring in some animations, followed by some Video Game related comics!

-Edgar Nielsen



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