Zoo! Part 4 - Cousins!
Zoo! Part 4 - Cousins!
by funymony on
2014 September 29 at 01:09:07

I've always wanted to create a simple animation explaining evolution. The animation would be for young viewers who are unfamiliar with the topic so that they understand what the conversation is about before being told to ignore it completely.

When I was young I learned about evolution and it conflicted with a lot of things I was taught in my Catechism class. It allowed me to start questioning the world around me and figure things out on my own. It made me realize that the world is a complicated place and that it takes years of research just to understand a single thing about it. 

My teachers at church would reply to my big questions with miniscule answers like "God did it", and it would sell me short of some amazing experiences. Knowing how something works gives me a bigger appreciation for it and I'd hate for others to be robbed of that.

Look up Natural Selection and Artificial Selection if you're interested in the topic of evolution and remember that denying evolution is denying change and mutations that actually happen within our DNA. You could lie to yourself for the sake of defending your religion, but lying is a sin and I'll see you in hell.

 -Edgar Nielsen

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