I Love Kids
I Love Kids
by funymony on
2011 February 02 at 02:02:48

"There's no fun in being a parent if you can't yell at your kids."-My Dad

One Summer morning of 2007 I came home from work feeling frustrated that I hadn't created any new cartoons in a long time. I found a handheld microphone I purchased but never used and began yelling jiberish into it. My father was out working so I was home alone. Being home alone rocks, You can scream as loud as you want and walk around the house naked.

While screaming into the microphone I created an argument between a boy in the bathroom and his angry stepdad. I enjoyed it so much that I recorded it and began animating it that morning. When I finished the scribbly storyboard I sent it to a few friends who had mixed feelings about the rough draft. "Don't submit this," "This is terrible," "Haha! This is great!"

I couldn't control myself, I had to submit it! It was the first cartoon I had made in a long while and it made ME laugh! It was despised by some people on Deviant Art but this twisted animation found a home elsewhere. It was on the front page of Newgrounds for a very long time.

There's an audience for everything. 


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