Edlog - 1 step forward, 1 step back.
Edlog - 1 step forward, 1 step back.
by funymony on
2014 July 07 at 09:07:52

Hello, friends! It's time for an update!

Natalie and I moved back to my Dad's house after a year of living with friends.

We moved out a year ago with the intention of living with other digital artists in a "home studio". Natalie used her college money to rent a decent house with 4 bedrooms and a huge garage. She wanted to support our projects and live comfortably. It was a promising endeavor but in the end things didn't come together like we wanted them to.

We invited Natalie's best friend from Minnesota to live with us. Her friend aspired to be an artist but ended up having a bigger interest in the culinary arts. None of my artistic buddies were available, so one of my childhood friends moved in to share the rent.

Overall it was pretty neat. We had BBQ's, frequent hang outs, played games, but not much happened on the personal animation/cartoon front. I was busy with contract work, Natalie was recovering from her job at the Museum, Natalie's friend had a hard time adjusting to Salt Lake City, and my non-artist friend was working two jobs.

It quickly became apparent that the "studio" idea wasn't going to work out, but we still enjoyed the company of our friends. Eventually my friend exhausted himself at work and decided to move out to go to school and pursue his Master's degree. We couldn't find a suitable replacement and didn't want a craigslist roomate, so we chose to tough it out until the end of the lease then go back to our respective homes.

I was hoping to focus on my personal projects while I was out but I was concerned with staying afloat at the new house. I bit off more contract work than I could chew and the result was 30+ short cartoons, three big cartoons on the Polaris channel, and a few of my personal projects completed. I learned how to animate efficiently, became disciplined in working from home, and polished my art work. I'm really proud of what Natalie and I were able to accomplish within a year.

I've had a lot of negative experiences but that will be a post for another time. Now that I'm home, I hope I can take on less jobs and focus on my personal works. I've started planning the next step for Mediamuffin.

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