How to Be O.P. - Pokemon XY
How to Be O.P. - Pokemon XY
by funymony on
2014 April 05 at 02:04:44

Finally, the wait is over! The project that Lollergator and I have been working on can see the light of day!

Introducing the first episode of How to be O.P., a new animated web series that will be featured on Polaris! While you’re waiting for the debut of each new episode, check out a new Fast Facts every week on the Lore channel on YouTube. Look for Lollergator and Funymony in the credits!


Pokemon is cursed. Every game I invested hundreds of hours into has disappeared or been destroyed.

It first started with Pokemon Yellow. I spent days collecting all but two monsters when my cartridge got corrupted by Pokemon Stadium. I don't know how it happened but it crushed my little heart.

I was still a loyal Pokemon Fan and I went on to play Pokemon Silver which was my most favorite Pokemon installment. My brother took the Gameboy Color to Mexico and it got stolen along with all my games... After that my heart could take no more.

I avoided the 3rd generation up until College, that's when I had the dream. I dreamt that I was at a video game store and someone was generous enough to buy me every single Pokemon game! I was so ecstatic, it was what my inner child would of always wanted! Then I woke up empty handed and disappointed, but then came the realization that I WAS AN ADULT WITH MONEY! I could buy every single game if I wanted to!


I bought a copy from every generation at that time. Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Diamond! Along with a guide just because I could! I had it all!

Years went by without incident, I even purchased a copy of Pokemon X for the 3DS!

And then the curse struck once more last month... I decided to take my Pokemon games with me on an adventure to a friends house and then the arcade. I left my investments on the DDR Machine next to my 3DS. When it came time to leave, my friend handed me the contents of my pockets except for my 3DS cartridge holder containing Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Soul Silver, and Pokemon X. That's where my beloved Pokemon left me once more.

I was torn up about it, trying to contact the arcade everyday! But nobody answered. They were gone...

Lucky for me that week Nintendo was having a promotion where you could register a game and a 3DS to get a free copy of Pokemon X. After doing so I was able to get my team back with my friend's help under 80 hours. Now I'm collecting them all again and ready to battle! (But my Typhlosion "Mr. Cookies" will be missed...)

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