Newgrounds in a Nutshell
Newgrounds in a Nutshell
by funymony on
2014 January 25 at 02:01:09

This is what happens when I show my friends Newgrounds, the best web-toon website in the world.

My girlfriend and I share the same taste in cartoons, video games, and movies.  She's basically the female version of me.
We both laugh at the occasional cock-joke on Newgrounds but a lot of user-submitted content has taken us to an awkward place where my girlfriend can't enjoy anything without feeling lame about being a girl.  Newgrounds is the longest running cartoon website with the best animation community in the world and it sucks that she feels excluded because some guy just had to use women as the basis for their joke.

We're not complaining about Newgrounds and we don't want it to change; we want upcoming animators to take their work to the next level by broadening their audience.

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