Fast Facts: Uncharted
Fast Facts: Uncharted
by funymony on
2013 November 13 at 11:11:06

I animate Fast Facts for a Youtube Channel called LORE. I can't post this episode on my website but it is viewable by clicking the link in the placeholder.

I don't have anything to say about Uncharted and I feel ashamed because it looks like such a good series! I'm sorry if I didn't do the game justice to any of you loyal fans out there!

I should explain my workflow when it comes to making cartoons just so you'll understand why every video doesn't reach its full potential:

1. I receive a script and soundscape or create one myself

2. Do research (Play the game, watch some lets-plays, read the wiki, check out the development behind the title/series.)

3. Formulate some ideas for visuals to accompany the audio and create a rough animatic.

4. Hunt down references and resources for the cartoon.

5. Animate/Outline/Color like a madman then add backgrounds to everything.

6. Add credits and export the cartoon.


The process for Fast Facts has to be done under a whole week. If I know the material I can usualy finish the whole process in about 16 hours when I'm at my best. But sometimes I struggle with titles I'm unfamiliar with, Like Guns of Icarus or League of Legends. 

Uncharted just happened to be a title I was unfamiliar with, but I did the best I could with the material and time I was given.


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