Mista Rabbit
Mista Rabbit
by funymony on
2011 March 07 at 12:03:19

This is what happens to terrible cartoons. I ERASE THEM FORM EXISTENCE!

Sometimes I get fed up with not making any new animations that I challenge myself to make one in a single day. It's good because I have to be spontaneous but it hinders me because I can't stop and think too much about what I'm gonna do.

I've noticed that somebody ALWAYS dies unexpectedly at the end of my cartoon shorts and I'm tired of it! I'm disappointed that I lack the time to put meaning into my work so the audience doesn't leave without something in their minds. These types of cartoons will eventually be forgotten down the road unless I step up my game and tell real stories.

I'm not saying my cartoons are bad, I enjoy hearing about people who have laughed so hard at my cartoons that their lungs hurt. It brings me joy to know that people look forward to my silly videos despite how short they are. Overall entertainment and a good laugh is a treat, but I can't wait to improve my art and animation to make my videos mean so much more!


You're probably asking "What are your limitations? What's stopping you?"

Real life, too many projects, and so little time. Right now things aren't so bad.

This semester has been lenient because I quit my job last October to give me the time I needed to work on some projects and this site. I currently have four animations and three games in the works with my buddy Mike. I just finished a game which should be in the Apple market soon and I hope you'll support it so I can finish more projects!

My real concern right now is college. Classes have been very time consuming and they've been holding me back, I'm ready to graduate and apply what I've learned to my movies!

These last two semesters have been the worst.


I was supposed to graduate this semester after fulfilling my language credits. I was going to take a spanish placement test to get into an upper division class and finish off college. I scored poorly in the placement test and I was scheduled to take three language classes, one each semester consecutively. This meant my graduation would be delayed for an entire year. Spanish class proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be, I spend two days a week on homework assignments and attend a single hour of class Monday through Thursday. I don't have a car so traveling is a hassle, especially in the snow.

I talked to my councellor recently and found out that I had five more credits to fulfill on top of my language credits. These classes have to be unrelated to my major! 

The good news is that I can take my next two spanish classes over the summer along with the additional credits I need, but I'll be extremely busy.

</Personal Shenanigans>

All you need to know is that I don't have much time to finish many cartoons between now and this summer because I'll be very busy trying to graduate next semester. Once that's over I will be completely free from the educational system after 17 long years and I'll have the rest of my life to dedicate to my big projects.

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