Fast Facts: Tomb Raider
Fast Facts: Tomb Raider
by funymony on
2013 September 18 at 06:09:30

I animate Fast Facts for a Youtube Channel called LORE. I can't post this episode on my website but it is viewable by clicking the link in the placeholder.

Natalie really outdid herself on this one. Check out all the drawings she made!

Lara Croft!

Scooby Doo meets Lara CroftTragedy!Just hangin.Lara Dale

I played through the new Tomb Raider reboot with Natalie. I don't know anything about the old franchise but I recall playing two PC demos when I was a kid. My memory has faded to where I only remember shooting some monkeys and my own butler. I never looked too deep into the franchise until now and I've got to say that I'm definitely a fan of the reboot.

The weather effects were radical. Rain, snow, wind, daylight, nightime, you name it! They did a good job with it. The platforming made me feel like a parkour ninja! I was jumping off ledges, climbing walls and riding zip-lines. The only thing I had problems with was the combat. I would miss all of my melee attacks, but my pocket sand ability worked just fine. My favorite part had to be the story and I'm happy that the developers didn't overdo it with magic. Things were kept mysterious and the enemies weren't crazy zombies or ghosts, so everything felt believable. At one point I was even scared of wolves!

Tomb Raider exceeded my expectations and I'm glad I went into the game blindly so that I wouldn't judge it with nostalgia like everybody else seems to be doing. If you haven't played it, put it on your list sometime. It's a great introduction to the series.

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