Fast Facts: Deus Ex HR
Fast Facts: Deus Ex HR
by funymony on
2013 August 07 at 04:08:00

I animate Fast Facts for a Youtube Channel called LORE. I cannot post this episode on my website but it is available for you by clicking the link in the placeholder.

I never got to beat Deus Ex (2000) because I kept losing my save file. I was actively playing it a few months ago until I did a reformat on my computer and lost it again! I really wanted to finish the game before I started Deus Ex: Human Revolution but when I was asked to do a Fast Facts episode this week I had no choice but to move on.

SPOILER: I just beat HR last night and I can't shake the ending off my mind. Did I make the right choice? I feel like I did. What did I choose? I'M NOT TELLING. All I know is that I want everybody to live in space so I made my decision based off that.

I beat the entire game without killing a single person in order to get the Pacifist achievement on Steam or so I thought, I didn't get the achievement and found out that a sleep dart to the neck of someone patrolling the edge of a building could plummet to their death and count against my achievement. Damnit! I'm going to play the expansion and kill EVERYBODY this time.


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