Fast Facts: Binding of Isaac
Fast Facts: Binding of Isaac
by funymony on
2013 May 24 at 12:05:53

I animate Fast Facts for a Youtube channel called Lore. I cannot post this episode on my website but it is available for you by clicking the link in the placeholder.

Binding of Isaac was a title I enjoyed but had doubts it would succeed based on the theme of the game. It was a great dungeon crawler with gameplay based off the original Zelda, except it replaced your sword with tears and the enemies with abominations. Mix that with some blood, piss, and feces and you get The Binding of Isaac! I thought the religious motif would be a turn off for everybody and that the game might be overlooked, but I was completely wrong and I'm happy that I was!

Binding of Isaac is the only indie game that I've spent 100 hours on. The game is designed to be addictive and replayable. Each time you start a new character the map is different, filled with a few of a hundred available power ups, a variation of enemies, and multiple bosses to keep things fresh. Multiple endings and tons of unlockables will keep you coming back. The game is extremely difficult and the hand you're dealt may feel cruel at times but once you get a hang of the game (and the right combination of power ups) it becomes an enjoyable experience.

I learned a lot about the addictive elements of Binding of Isaac and I incoorporated them into the design of one of my projects. It definitely helped make it interesting and I have no doubt it'll be fun when it's released! Until then, I can't wait to see what the new version of Binding of Isaac brings to the table. One of my buddies is working on it and it might be one of the reasons I get a 3DS! (Besides Cavestory, Animal Crossing, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star.)

I also can't wait to see what Team Meat is doing with their upcoming game, Mew-Genics!

See ya! 

-Edgar Nielsen 

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