by funymony on
2013 April 18 at 01:04:21

I've been doing a live show every week at 8pm MST on Livestream and Google Hangouts. I stopped using Google Hangouts because it was too glitchy.

You can check out the recorded shows on my Youtube channel: youtube.com/funymony

This is the 8th week. Click here for the playlist!

Watching the recorded shows might be boring, it's best to attend the show live so you can be a part of it! Join me every week on Livestream so we can draw together! 

The main purpose of the stream is to interact with fans of my work and potential friends! I've had so much fun doing the Edstream and I look forward to it every week! Unfortunately they're over-whelming my Youtube crowd, I need to start uploading more videos! I plan to do so! Until then, please enjoy this .Gif of Spiderman and his pug sidekick.


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