Pay Cut
Pay Cut
by funymony on
2011 March 01 at 04:03:39

I made Pay Cut for my 2D animation class in September of 2009.

I used construction paper that I had sitting on top of my fridge since I was in first grade, I felt nostalgic using those faded pages because it felt like I did the right thing holding onto them. Who knew they were destined to make such a silly animation?

Traditional animation is cool because it gives a cartoon a unique feel and it forces you to take your time. If you make one mistake, you gotta do it all over again. You have to be very patient with it and I am not a very patient man. I admire people who do everything by hand.

I prefer digital animation because I can churn out my ideas a faster, I can do everything on my own, and I don't need to buy expensive supplies. I also find the undo button very convenient. There's lots of positive and negatives about traditional and digital animation, but in the end it's just a preference. What really matters is the story, choose whatever style would benefit it the most.

I'm looking forward to moving up with some 3D cartoons. You'll see what I have in mind when the time comes.

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