Fast and Quick Thanksgiving Movie 2
Fast and Quick Thanksgiving Movie 2
by funymony on
2012 November 21 at 03:11:32

Here's a thanksgiving animation I made during my first semester of college. It features the first appearance of The Awesome Animal Suit Squad! A little series I hope to brush off and polish in the near future. I've already completed a 9 minute script for the new pilot!

My crappy phone was stolen recently so I got me a Google Nexus and began using Google Calendar. I used to do my scheduling in a word document on my desktop which was okay, but accessing my schedule online on a calendar is highly convenient! I would recommend it to anybody looking to get a bunch of work done! My phone alerts me when I should be doing something important and it keeps me on track.

A friend of mine told me that people are most productive when they only have two projects going on simultaneously. I have too many. After plotting out the next 3 months of my life I realized that I won't be posting my own work until the beginning of 2013, but that's alright! I'm enjoying these jobs and I'm getting experience! My workflow has gotten better and my art skills are sharp.

When I get back to making content, it'll be amazing! See ya!



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